Adult dating minor

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When I was 13 I started dating my brothers best friend (who I had known since I was like 6 yrs old)- and we had a 5 year age difference between us.

My mom was NOT happy with it - she would try to have me on lockdown so I couldn't see him...not because of the age difference.

If the minor continues to "chase" them, then contact their parents and have them put a stop to it.

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There has to be something mentally wrong with men that age even considering the thought of dating girls that young let alone follow through it.

We had been friends for a good while, and hung out a lot. I ended up saying no to her for the relationship, because...

I could be locked up, and even if nothing happened in the relationship sexually.

If a 26 year old man wanted to date my 14 year old daughter.. Weird how times have changed.I wonder why it was acceptable back then. The adult is the one who, again, is the adult in the situation and should know better.

The adult is old enough to know it is not right, both legally and morally and if it should happen the minor is the one who "initiates it then the adult should be the responsible one and say no and walk away. if the adult says no, and no sex or relationship followed ?

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