Dating royal crown derby paperweights

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Innovative techniques for better writing as well as publication success stories are welcome. Make your donation through Pay Pal (see or by check by March/September 1. Final author approval and review is necessary if changes are needed beyond punctuation, grammar, and sentence or paragraph structure.Content will include many genres, with limited attention to the disability theme. 100-word promotional information is due by February/August 15. We will not change titles, beginnings, endings, dialog, poetic lines, the writer’s voice, or the general tone without writer collaboration.He knew how to make me laugh and allowed me to be myself instead of always having to put on a performance to prove I was an ordinary college girl.Many of the other people I knew didn’t believe that blind people were normal human beings.It is important to spell check and proofread all entries.Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are permitted provided you own the copyright to the work.This edition of is packed with stories, poems, and articles to keep you entertained throughout the cooler months.Our “seasonal Wonders” section has stories and poems about holidays and the change of seasons. “The Writers’ Climb” has articles and an exercise to stimulate your fiction writing muscles.

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As always, “From a Different Perspective” is full of surprises, and we have a great mix of poems in “The Melting Pot.” I would like to give a big thanks to all of the committee members and to Marilyn Brandt Smith, Jason Smith and John Weidlich for your hard work and support throughout the production process.He never tried to rein in my enthusiasm or to control me.He made me feel very special and loved for who I really was.Writers with disabilities may submit up to three selections per issue.Deadlines are February 15 for the Spring/Summer issue, and August 15 for the Fall/winter issue.

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