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The immediate advantage is that I can share it with anyone who's interested.If you want to build your own Tiger model, you'll find information here that isn't available anywhere else.A site where you can find one page with the written information & specifications, photographs and heaps of videos of a Main Battle Tank or other Armoured Fighting Vehicles.The site is also dedicated to the 1/35 scale models I've built, with pictures and videos of my extensive and ever growing collection, as well as building tips & tutorials.I'm one of those guys who builds models for a bit of relaxation.

Welcome to Tank Nut, the ever growing on line encyclopaedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

The site covers full size vehicles, models of some of the manufactures mighty products, photos, scale drawings you can down-load, details of clubs, related books, film clips and much more...

Hanno Spoelstra's site puts his well known records online.

From those unreliable, lumbering machines have evolved today's high-tech main battle tanks, which represent the most powerfully concentrated weapons systems on the battlefield.

This site intends to present specifications on armored vehicles produced by the United States.

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