Fetal dating

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Sometimes, the failure of the corpus luteum to adequately support the pregnancy with progesterone can result in an early pregnancy loss.

Progesterone inhibits immune responses, decreases prostaglandins, and prevents the onset of uterine contractions.

Within this time period, a yolk sac can be seen inside the gestational sac.

The yolk sac will be the earliest source of nutrients for the developing fetus.

When conception takes place, the sperm will penetrate an egg and create a single set of 46 chromosomes called a zygote – the basis for a new human being.

The fertilized egg, called a morula, spends a couple of days traveling through the fallopian tube toward the uterus and dividing into cells (this dividing process is where many chromosomal abnormalities occur).

Doctors will often use the quantitative test if they are closely monitoring the development of a pregnancy.

The endometrium lining thickens as the blastocyst burrows into it.

Development Around 5 weeks, the gestational sac is often the first thing that most transvaginal ultrasounds can detect.

This is seen before a recognizable embryo can be seen.

The development of a baby is quite an intricate process.

From the moment the egg and sperm meet, your baby is beginning to grow.

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