Gps buyers guide traffic updating

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Any type of GPS application such as Waze, Google Maps or Apple maps, will end up eating up so much more date, battery, and will bog down your phones performance during the whole process.While convenient, in some cases this proves to be a frustrating thing, making you wish there was a dedicated gps navigation system.Excellent for short and long distance road trips, mounts easy, and reasonably priced. Not as popularly known as a brand but just as good as Tom Tom its the Magellan Road Mate 9400-LM.This particular car gps is 7″ inches wide and features maps for both US, Canada and Mexico.A great bonus with Garmin is the live traffic updates and monitoring that you have access to with no subscription required.Garmin Traffic will give you details on the actual situation, how many minutes to expect, and if there’s any detours to take which will save you time.Though probably not the best database, it surely will help you avoid some hidden traps that could cost you money and points on your license.Receive audible alerts when approaching school zones, railroad crossings and dangerous curves.

The Garmin NUVI 52LM portable vehicle gps system is one of those types of units where you’ll most likely never need to replace.As our first navigation in our list, we have Tom Tom’s VIA 1535TM GPS.This unit in particular features a 5″ inch wide screen in full color LCD.There’s points of interest planted all over the map, things ranging from hotels, restaurants, parking, entertainment, fuel, shopping and more.As you drive you’ll also be able to see the approximate arrival time, current GPS measured speed, current posted speed limit, far left corner direction arrows, and a full HD map.

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