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During this period, most people lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and were, of necessity, constantly on the move.However, where there are early examples of permanent settlements (though not necessarily permanently occupied) such as those at Lepenski Vir, they are almost always associated with fishing as a major source of food.The cheapest was skaren (probably parrotfish) whereas Atlantic bluefin tuna was three times as expensive.Common salt water fish were yellowfin tuna, red mullet, ray, swordfish or sturgeon, a delicacy which was eaten salted.Edible sea plants, such as some seaweeds and microalgae, are widely eaten as seafood around the world, especially in Asia (see the category of sea vegetables).

Historically, sea mammals such as whales and dolphins have been consumed as food, though that happens to a lesser extent in modern times.

For this reason these fish were occasionally allowed to die slowly at the table.

There even was a recipe where this would take place in garo, in the sauce.

However, Oppian of Corycus, a Greek author wrote a major treatise on sea fishing, the Halieulica or Halieutika, composed between 177 and 180.

This is the earliest such work to have survived to the modern day.

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