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's Claudia Jordan just said her good friend Jamie Foxx "is very happy with her." "Her" being Katie Holmes. Yet it's still fascinating, just how much effort has gone into making their relationship this big secret—for going on years now.

We recently took a step back, considered all that effort from every angle, connected a few dots and read into all the signs...______________________At this point, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have either never met or they're married with a baby on the way, depending on who you ask.

'From the top you can see the sea," shouts Wayne Hemingway, doyen of British designers, striding up the wooden tracks of the roller coaster.

Around us stretch the merry-go-rounds and rubble of Dreamland, one of UK's oldest amusement parks, which is reopening next weekend after a £18m rebuild. If I was starting my life again, I'd love to start in a place like Margate."It's a surprising claim from the man who launched Punk-era fashion house Red Or Dead.

She has been linked to a few other men here and there over the years, but those headlines have been fleeting."You've got to keep going," she also advised in that interview. Another, albeit much grainier, photo surfaced of the two, this time taken in a recording studio.

They're seated toward each other, her legs crossed and his extended under her chair, and Foxx is looking at her while Holmes looks at her phone—but the fingers on the hand not holding her phone are intertwined with Foxx's right-hand fingers.

Wayne waves at the blue horizon beyond the Georgian houses, where seagulls wheel over the Kent coast. But Margate has surprised many people in recent years as it turned itself from a decaying seaside resort into a hipster haven with beach attached.

In 2011, it hit the headlines with Turner Contemporary, a sleek gallery by cutting-edge architect David Chipperfield right on the historic harbour.

If not for the Foxx rumors, the actress would currently be holding court as one of the most private stars in all of Hollywood (and New York, et al.)—out in public frequently but otherwise a complete mystery when it comes to what occupies her personal life when she's not being a 24/7 mom to now 10-year-old Suri Cruise. In March 2015, after another report had them quietly "hooking up" for years, Foxx told a paparazzo who had trailed him to his car, "Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years." He did, however, concede that they were "just friends," as opposed to ships in the night.Also that month, a source told , "Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time.They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn.Suffice it to say, theyknow each other, have known each other for a long time and have spent plenty of time together.But while many signs point to Holmes and Foxx being more than friends, there are just as many indicators that they're not.

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