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We will also welcome uncompromising UNSANE, brutal soundtrack of New York city cacophony and the toughest noise riffs which are able to attack with fury of angry beast.Contemporary avantgarde with grim undertones will be summoned by DODECAHEDRON, while French CELESTE will cast gloom with their dark post-hardcore sludge.

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From now on you can choose from hotel, camp site as well as parking and bus transfer to airport after the festival!

Last but not least don't forget to check limited offer of tickets to "natural stand", a natural uphill, which gives you extraordinary view on both main scenes, especially after dark.

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Effect of electron withdrawing substituent and extended π- conjugation on photophysical properties of Ruthenium polyterpyridine D-P-A complexes and interfacial studies with semiconducting Ti O 2 nanoparticle: Experimental and computational evidences Pavel Chábera, Yizhu Liu, Om Prakash, Erling Thyrhaug, Amal El Nahhas, Alireza Honarfar, Sofia Essén, Lisa A.

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