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Like the less powerful family of the Grafen von Hohenburg, centred on Wiesneck, the Zhringer held property in the Black Forest on both banks of the upper reaches of the river Rhine.It held countships in the Thurgau, Albgau, Ortenau and Breisgau.He was one of the principal adversaries of Emperor Heinrich IV in the investiture dispute, demonstrated by King Heinrich redistributing Berthold's properties by charter dated under which "Heinricusrex" granted property "in pago Brisgowe Bertholfi iam non duci iusto iudicio sublatum" to the church of Strasbourg.According to Wegener, she was Richwara of Swabia, daughter of Hermann IV Duke of Swabia [Babenberg] & his wife Adelaida di Susa.It is accompanied by a Continuatio, probably written just over a century later as it ends with a marriage dated elsewhere to before 1318.The title "Markgraf" was never officially awarded to the Markgrafen von Baden in a way which associated it with Baden as a territory.The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified.

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The older branch of the family were ancestors of the Grafen von Habsburg.

The Tabula consanguinitatis Friderici I regis et Adel regin (which provided the basis for their divorce) names "Bertolfum cum Barba" as son of "Bezelinum de Vilingen".

"Heinricus Romanorum imperator augustus" confirmed property "in pago Brysihcgowe in villis Mulinheim et Ougheim in comitatu Bertholdi comitisin pago Brisihcgowe in villa Piccensole in comitatu supra dicti Bertholdi comitis" to the cathedral of Basel by charter dated .

The son of Markgraf Hermann [II] was briefly installed in the march of Verona by Konrad III King of Germany in 1148, but this had no further effect on his title. Graf im Breisgau: Emperor Otto I granted property "habere Cuntramnus comes in pago Prisecgeuue in comitatu Pirihtihonis in locis Puckinga, Uringa, Muron" to Konrad Bishop of Konstanz by charter dated 21 Feb 962 [Lanzelin] (-991). The Liber Vit of Einsiedeln records the donation made in Jan by comes Lantoldus et Lutgardis uxor eius.

The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Graf im Oberelsa (Upper Alsace) and the Rauhen Alb, following his older brothers partition of the family territories.

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