Self consolidating grout

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ACI uses cement content alone as the basis for allowable chloride limits for new construction.

With the heightened use of SCMs and performance specifications for cement, there is need to evaluate using total cementitious materials content as the basis for allowable chloride limits in new construction and for chloride thresholds.

The principal objectives of the existing standard test methods for evaluating alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR) in mortars and concrete is to identify the susceptibility of aggregates to undergoing alkali-silica reaction (ASR), to identify the effectiveness of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in mitigating ASR, and quantify the suitable dosage level of SCMs in the concrete mixtures.

However, these short-duration tests (the concrete prism test, mortar bar method test, accelerated mortar bar test, new concrete cylinder test, and new autoclave concrete prism test) have limitations in their ability to provide a direct measure of how a job’s concrete mixture might perform in the field over the long term.

The structural evaluation process of existing concrete structures involves the understanding of existing capacity, safety, and future expected life.

Although there are some codes and guidelines to help engineers to obtain this information, the acceptable criterion is the target reliability index, which is rarely used or defined in current codes.

When planning for constructability, don’t forget to plan for curing.

The anticipated presentations will show the influence of concrete proportioning and workability on the consolidation energy necessary.

The contributions will mainly focus on flowable concrete that is not yet consolidating.

The main audience for the session is contractors, but concrete producers, materials suppliers, designers, architects, and scientists will also have interest in this session.

The use of alternative cementitious materials (ACMs) in construction is a developing technology.

Currently, specifications and design codes are based on the use of portland cement as the primary binding ingredient.

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