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The dramatic reduction in bandit attacks on the Dadaab camps following the construction of the thorn-bush fencing has removed one of the major causes of sexual assault within the camps. Material assistance provided to local police has greatly improved their capacity and willingness to confront the bandits, address incidents of sexual violence against refugee women, and treat the survivors with respect.Police dealing directly with the survivors of rape have received training on UNHCR's mandate and the basic tenets of refugee and human rights law relevant to day-to-day camp realities, contributing significantly to the creation of a team spirit between UNHCR and the local police. The protection staff have combined support for refugee initiatives with human rights education through dialogue with heads of family and elders on gender-specific protection problems of the women and girls in their community.An inspiration and a beautiful girl inside and out. When I first saw Kenia, she caught my eyes but she suddenly caught my heart. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. But I knew I had to chase her and to make her mine. The Project's direct protection objectives were complemented by training of implementing partners to allow for its eventual integration into the general programme in July 1995.The impact of the Project's work in the areas of protection and community services is examined below.

The disturbing number and nature of requests for medical assistance sounded the alarm; the refugees themselves did not. Following a UNHCR field staff investigation, a professional Somali woman rape counsellor was brought in to help UNHCR clarify the problem and conduct a needs assessment. As a result of this needs assessment process, the WVV Project was established with the following objectives: The Project staff include a coordinator, two protection officers and two community services officers who supervise local and refugee workers to help project implementation.

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While it is believed that reporting has improved through the Project's information campaign and rape counselling training, the problems of under- and over-reporting of rape remain.

Nevertheless, indications suggest a gradual decline in the actual incidence of rape within the camps.

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