Symantec endpoint protection client not updating policy dating just for fun

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This level of control was significant in limiting the number and types of attacks that were possible from the endpoints.

In modern networks, however, it is becoming more and more common for users to access internal organizational resources using employee owned devices, commonly referred to as bring your own device, or BYOD.

The definition of "endpoint" has expanded considerably over the last decade as the availability of mobile technologies and prevalence of teleworkers has increased.

With this expansion comes considerable changes in how an Info Sec professional must protect these resources.

Each vendor has its own specific way of categorizing each of these and this article will attempt to lump each of the features under a high level umbrella.

The term antivirus has been around for a long time and its coverage over the years has extended exponentially as the threats have changed.

MORE: Best Antivirus Solutions for the Enterprise There are a number of different methods that are used by these antivirus and anti-malware solutions to protect the endpoint from exploitation, some of these include: Configuration management is a fundamental part of any endpoint management solution, since the target of this article is not the configuration management solution itself, it will be covered at a high level.Device policy is a high-level umbrella category that includes a number of different polices that affect the devices within the organization including: device use, application policy, encryption, and Network Access Control, to name a few.A recent entrance into the world of information security is the smartphone and tablets.It involves ensuring that each of the devices that are managed has all of the up-to-date patches; this includes operating system (OS) patches and application patches.As many can attest, the simple lack of maintaining the patch level of a device greatly increases the likelihood of it being exploited.

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