Updating tivoli backup client symantec endpoint protection client not updating policy

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backup devconfig filename=devconfig_bakbackup volhistory filename=volhistory_bak 3) Backup the server option file (normally named as in the server instance directory). c:\Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi\binde_5) Delete the nodelock file in C:\Program Data\IBM\DB2\DB2TSM1\license\.

For example if your project is having document management features then Share Point can provide some ready solutions using its Document Management feature. Enterprise Service Farms is pretty uncommon as it is a complete farm dedicated to Service Applications but promotes autonomous management and high levels of data isolation. Are there any other type of relevant service architectures? Allows configuring and managing User profile properties, Audiences, Profile synchronization settings, organization browsing and management settings, and My Site settings. Databases can be clustered or mirrored, again depending on requirements and environment. From a basic standpoint, what is the difference between SQL clustering and mirroring? It becomes difficult to deploy these items separately in development, staging and production. iii) If Document Management is not required, STS is easier to manage for team environment while SPS is better for an organization where Document Management is required. a) Name the various input forms that can be created for a workflow ? In these sense the cost of creating a new solution with or without Share Point has to be evaluated and depending on the advantage side Share Point could be chosen. What are the Enterprise content Management features of Share Point 2010? Locks – prevent users from either adding content to a site collection or using the site collection. The e-mail message and attachments sent from notifications might contain sensitive information. iii) It is used frequently in Share Point application development. If you have crate more sophisticated security aspects like windows authentication & role based authorization then the Share Point security aspects could address it. In mirroring, transactions are sent directly from a principal database and server to a mirror database to establish essentially a replica of the database. Quotas – limits to the amount of storage a site collection can use. Yes, however you do not give non-authorized users access to the site. ii) SPSite object is a primary entry points to the server object model. It is a cabinet file that contains assemblies, resource files, features, images, application pages, site definitions etc. A site collection is a group of web sites that have same owner and share same settings. How to create a new Site Collection in Share Point ? Service applications in Share Point 2010 are a set of services that can possibly be shared across Web applications. There exists only one configuration database for each farm. Central administration is used for the administration of each farm. STSADM is a command line tool included with Share Point 2010. Saying an IIS virtual server is also an acceptable answer. Federated locations provide information that exists outside of your internal network to your end-users. Managed properties show up in search results and help users perform more successful queries. The crawl component requires access to content using NTLM authentication. Please describe what a Service Application is in Share Point 2010. Farm is a collection of Share Point servers with same configuration database. All the required information to run the farm is carried in Configuration DB.

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