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Instagram not only copied Snapchat’s Stories, but has turned its Instagram Direct feature into a full-fledged Snapchat ephemeral private messaging competitor.By allowing people to send quick visual messages that disappear, Instagram Direct has grown to 375 million monthly users.

[Update: News of Instagram surpassing Snapchat’s daily usage has caused Snap’s share price to sink to an all-time low aroun .67] It’s clear to see why users are flocking to Instagram.

The flood of apps where you can post them is creating ‘Stories fatigue’ in some users like me.

If the audience is fractured across five different apps and I have to go through a ton of work to post to them all, I sometimes reconsider whether it’s worth disrupting life in the present in order to show off to my friends.

Instagram writes that “Stories made Instagram a place for people to share all of their moments – the highlights and everything in between”.

If CEO Kevin Systrom set out to make Instagram an app for displaying everything fun in your life, not just the perfectly polished meals and vacations, it’s succeeded.

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